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Dr. D has a topic to
EMPOWER everyone!

Dr. Watson is a dynamic and energetic speaker with a background in leadership, mentorship and coaching and ministry. As your Motivator, Coach, and Accountability Partner, she will help you clarify your goals and objectives that you need to be a successful Leader. 

Dr. Watson will assist with these key details:

  • Walk away with a solid plan and solid instructions grounded in Biblical truth and God’s success principles

  • See your success and what God is calling you to do through His word and uncover what is holding you back and a super-charged plan to move forward!

  • You are not just called to lead in ministry, but also the marketplace!

  • Do you know the Why but not the How? You will determine a DEEPER connection with your Why and then all the other answers will fall into place. Your WHY is the catalyst for success within your business.



I work with Corporate and Ministry leaders, emerging and experienced, to dump spiritual dead white, decompress and stop deflecting, in order to receive God's refreshing. 



Additionally assist them in creating pivot points, to get back on track and regain self-confidence and motivation, through affirmations, awareness of self, for those struggling with an identity crisis and strength focused exercises so that they can thrive as Leaders. 


Leaders who work with me, leave with a customized plan developed through brainstorming, formulating and execution of practical steps towards their goal attainment and personal growth.



Our goal is for all of our emerging and experienced Leaders to gain accountability, to themselves and others, increase sustainability, meaning to have staying power in Ministry and to be able to persevere, with spiritual stick-to-itiveness and finally reliability, to be end their successful coaching with us, by having become a Reliable Leader, one that can be counted in and counted on. Committed to their growth, as well as the growth of their Leaders and their Organizations. 

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